My most recent series of pastel abstractions are based on the ominous and prophetic poem The Second Coming, written in 1921 by W.B.Yeats. After the 2016 presidential election, Yeats' lines “things fall apart, the center cannot hold” began to haunt me and I began this series. In the absence of direct observation, poetry is inspiring my visual art. My previous series of studio work was also in response to poetry. Within the grounding structure of a predetermined palette, my process is to follow the urgings of the unconscious. I create subtle transitions and shifting figure ground relationships to engage the imagination and the unconscious.

In the past year, after decades of devotion to pastel, I have been delighted to work with wet media on a slippery surface called Yupo.  I find this slippery surface challenging and evocative, and references to the figure have begun to emerge.


I have painted en plein air for many years, and have engaged in careful and loving observation of nature all my life, so much of my studio work evokes the rhythms and light of the natural world.

I continue to paint outdoors and when I do, my work is in response to the energy and connections I experience in nature. I paint to reveal the energy of the landscape beneath the surface.